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Marc Anthony is one of the hottest salseros around. He started out in salsa in 1993 when he released Otra Nota on Soho Latin. The album produced such hits as "Palabras de Alma," and "El Ultimo Beso." His career really took off when he and La India recorded "Vivir Lo Nuestro," during a live performance at Madison Square Garden. He next album took two years to make and is therefore appropriately named Todo a Su Tiempo. It too has become quite popular. He was born Marco Antonio Muņiz to Puerto Rican parents in New York City. As a child he used to sing with his father, a composer and musician who played bachata, and Latin folk music for his friends and family. It is from his father, that Anthony learned about music and singing. Although he came from a traditional Latino home, Anthony had little professional interest in Hispanic music and started out writing songs for house, dance and club music performers such as the Sapphires, the Latin Rascals, and Menudo. This led him to get involved with arranging additional vocal parts for songs and occasionally singing back-up vocals. He signed to Atlantic in 1990 and began working with Little Louie Vega on a dance compilation album comprised of different artists. Vega suggested that Anthony sing one of the songs and was so impressed that he immediately had the young singer do all of them. The result was the album When the Night is Over, and featured the work of Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri and Luis Perico Ortiz. It was about this time that Anthony began to get interested in Latin music and its origins. After the album came out, Puente invited him to be his opening act at Madison Square Garden for his 100th Album Celebration Party. Anthony began immersing himself in the music and thanks to his manager, met and became friends with salsa king Ruben Blades. He began recording and touring with Blades, who encouraged Anthony; after becoming a major star among Latin listeners, he made his English-language debut with his eponymous 1999 album.



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